The dart Directive

<? dart any_valid_dart_code ?>

The dart directive allows you to write blocks of Dart code inside UXL.

Make a UXL file a library

It is typically used to declare a library and import other libraries. For example,

library foo;

import "package:rikulo_ui/view.dart"

Make a UXL file part of a library

It can also be used to declare the generated Dart file as part of a library.

part of foo;

Make a UXL file as a complete application

Technically, you can do whatever you want. For example, you can make a UXL file as an application by embedding the main function. For example,

import "package:rikulo_ui/view.dart";

void main() {

<Template name="SignIn">
  <Panel layout="type:linear; orient: vertical; spacing: 4"
    profile="location: center center; width: 180; height: 145">
    Username or Email
    <TextBox id="username" />
    <TextBox id="password"/>
    <Button text="Sign in" profile="spacing: 12 4 4 4"/>