Implicit Object: _this_

View this;

It references to the view being instantiated. It can be used in the attributes. For example,

<TextBox type="password" value="${_this_.type}">

Since _this_ remains valid before the next instantiation of views, you can reference it in the consecutive dart directive:

<View id="v1"> <!-- _this_ references to v1 since here -->
  <? dart
  _this_.on.clock.add((event) {
  <View id="v2"/> <!-- _this_ references to v2 since here -->


It is not applicable when the element describes the instantiation of a template. For example, assume FooTemplate is a template, then the following is incorrect since a template is actually a Dart closure.

<FooTemplate foo="${_this_.something}"/> <!-- Incorrect since FooTemplate is not a view -->