What is Rikulo

Rikulo is a cross-platform framework for creating amazing Web and native mobile applications in Dart and HTML 5. You can access your application directly with a modern Web browser without any plug-in. You can also build it as a native mobile application accessing the device's resources transparently.


Add this to your pubspec.yaml (or create it):


Then, If you’re using Dart Editor, select “Pub Install” from the “Tools” menu. If you’re rocking the command line, do:

pub install

For more information, please refer to Pub: Getting Started.

Explore Examples

To explore the examples, you can browser the source code directly on Rikulo's Git repository here.

To run the examples, you can either click here to download the source code, or run git to clone the Git repository to your local drive as follows.

git clone git://github.com/rikulo/ui.git

Then, you can browser the HTML files under the example folder directly with Dartium, or run them in Dart Editor.

  • helloworld - Hello, World!
  • free-layout - A layout sample illustrating 21 built-in anchor points.
  • linear-layout - A linear layout placing views vertically and horizontally.
  • custom-layout - A simple sample app showing how to position views in any arbitary position.
  • input - A list of inputs of different types.
  • scroll-view - Three simple sample apps showing the use of ScrollView, including a list view and a grid view.
  • viewport - A simple sample app demostrating the implementation of a view supporting the viewport.
  • circle - Two animation samples illustrated with views and convas, respectively.
  • snake - Snake game showing the use of animation, canvas, drag-gesture and many more.
  • composite-view - A sample illustrating how to implement a view with a composite of other views.